Anita’s Home: Parteco stands beside children in Sub-Saharan Africa

parteco progetto amani casa anita

Parteco, a leader in the production of cleanroom, is celebrating a significant milestone this year: 50 years of dedication and innovation. To commemorate this important anniversary, we have decided to make a difference in the world by joining forces with the Amani Onlus association in their noble endeavor to improve the lives of children living on the street in Kenya and Zambia.

In close collaboration with Amani Onlus, we have focused our support on two projects of vital importance: Anita’s Home and Kivuli Centre.

Casa di Anita‘ represents a beacon of hope for young women from challenging backgrounds. Located in Ngong, approximately 25 km from the center of Nairobi, this facility was founded in 1999 in memory of Anita Pavesi, an honorary judge of the Juvenile Court of Milan. The center welcomes former girls coming from the street or from very hard situations, offering them much more than just a safe roof. Here they find a true family and a healthy and caring environment that fosters rebirth and personal growth.

What makes Anita’s Home unique is its community-family-based welcoming model. The girls here are not just considered guests but members of an extended family. Thanks to the love and dedication of two Kenyan families, each one of them feels loved and protected, finding the support that she needs to overcome difficulties and build a better future.

Our support for Anita’s Home translates into funds for school expenses, food, and accommodation for older girls engaged in higher education. Additionally, Amani Onlus is committed to ensuring constant support for those who have reunited with their original families through regular meetings and both material and psycological support.

In this year of celebration, we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such meaningful projects and to leave a positive impact on the world, following the example of Anita Pavesi and the inspiration of Amani Onlus. We will continue to strive to make a positive impact in the communities we serve, facing challenges with love, dedication, and hope.

We invite you to visit the Amani website: Amani Onlus Association.


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