At Parteco, we consider the certification of our cleanroom products and services to be a key means of demonstrating to our clients the high quality of the product they are buying.

realizzazione camere bianche innovative
Parteco has held ISO9001 quality management and ISO45000 safety management certification for many years.

ISO 9001

parteco camere bianche certificazione iso 9001 2015

ISO 4500

parteco cleanroom cartificazione iso 45001 2018

CE Marking

All false ceilings are CE-marked and certified for the materials’ reaction to fire, as well as other aspects such as load-bearing capacity.

Other certifications

General project certifications,
tests and simulations

Available Internal Tests and Certifications

Documents issued upon completion of the works for final project validation by the end client and the request for authorisation to be submitted to the competent authorities

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Parteco is a leading Italian producer of cleanrooms. We offer a complete cleanroom design service with a special focus on architectural aspects.


All components of our cleanrooms are manufactured in Italy, from prefabrication through to every last detail of the finished product.


Our well-trained and experienced staff ensures fast installations, finished to perfection.

Support service

PARTECO offers a support service ranging from assistance in selecting the best design solutions to the complete installation of the cleanroom, as well as after-sales and maintenance.


Parteco, cleanroom design and production.