Developing a cleanroom means constantly thinking up new solutions, reworking the product according to specific building constraints, the type of process and/or production equipment and regulatory requirements, as well as the client’s internal procedures.

Parteco is perfectly equipped to deal with these types of demands using its own resources. This is precisely what makes us the ideal partner for architectural and engineering firms.

We offer our experience and expertise to support your technical designers at every stage of the process, including the drafting of basic specifications for use in tenders.

We offer our clients a server sharing service through which they can view, comment on and, if necessary, modify the designs we prepare in real time.

We also use in-house developed Revit and Autocad applications to create the entire cleanroom design and communicate with the client, with whom we share the data.

The architectural design of the installation is another important factor. The choice of colours, surfaces, the alternation of solids and voids, as well as the definition of details are all key to ensuring not only the ergonomics of the rooms but also alignment with the corporate image.

parteco camere bianche progettazione
clean room innovation

Professionalism and organisation

Clients who choose to rely on our professional services are guaranteed expertise, reliability, organisation, professionalism and timely delivery. We strongly believe that a successful project hinges on being able to establish a lasting and trusting partnership with the client, and that the cleanroom “in operation” should be a “finished product” and not just the simple sum of its components.

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Parteco is a leading Italian producer of cleanrooms. We offer a complete cleanroom design service with a special focus on architectural aspects.


All components of our cleanrooms are manufactured in Italy, from prefabrication through to every last detail of the finished product.


Our well-trained and experienced staff ensures fast installations, finished to perfection.

Support service

PARTECO offers a support service ranging from assistance in selecting the best design solutions to the complete installation of the cleanroom, as well as after-sales and maintenance.


Parteco, cleanroom design and production.