Doors for Cleanrooms

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Parteco doors, tailor-made for cleanroom applications, are designed for seamless integration into our wall systems, as well as for installation on third-party walls, including plasterboard or masonry.

All components are selected according to criteria of resistance to intensive use and minimization of friction between components in order to avoid the emission of contaminating particles.

Available accessories

Closure Systems
Availability of a wide range of handles and knobs. Parteco always recommends the solution with permanent closing magnets combined with the stainless steel series of knobs or plates. Also available handles with antibacterial treatment.
Floor Sealing

The guillotine systems are integrated into the door plinth and allow to manage with greater ease the imperfections of the floor while also ensuring the reduction of air leakage. The sealing systems used by Parteco are equipped with a double adjustment system to manage both the stroke and the inclination of the seal.


Both internal and air systems can be integrated. Parteco uses systems of the main brands available on the market.

Interlocking Systems
Parteco doors come out of the factory fully equipped for the realization of any interlocking logic. The optical / acoustic signals are integrated into the door pillars and are made of stainless steel or polycarbonate. The door is controlled by a built-in electric lock or an electromagnet. Also included in the interlocking package are the control units which, at various levels, can autonomously manage the complete management of the logics or interact with company control systems. Interlocking systems can integrate management of automatic doors, overflow controls, access control systems or presence detection. Finally, interlocking systems with pneumatic operation are available for use in ATEX environments.
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Professionalism and organisation

Clients who choose to rely on our professional services are guaranteed expertise, reliability, organisation, professionalism and timely delivery. We strongly believe that a successful project hinges on being able to establish a lasting and trusting partnership with the client, and that the cleanroom “in operation” should be a “finished product” and not just the simple sum of its components.


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