Stained-glass windows

Stained-glass windows

The VC series is composed of all the glazed solutions that can constitute a stand-alone system or can be integrated with the PST and PTE systems.

In general, the panels are connected to each other with an interlocking structure and silicone sealing rather than with transparent connecting profiles.

The fittings (ceiling, masonry and corner) are made of anodized or painted aluminum profiles and designed in such a way as to make laying quick and easy and to eliminate the most difficult points to clean.

All materials used and finishes made comply with the GMP recommendations.


The walls of the VC series can be made with a double glazing system sp. 45mm as well as with 10mm single glass.

  • The 45mm system consists of two sheets of transparent safety glass of 3 + 3mm assembled on an aluminum support containing anti-condensation dehydrating salts.
  • The 10mm system consists of a single transparent 5 + 5mm safety glass plate


  • internal fittings between the modules made with internal nodal and sealing with silicone or visible profiles in polycarbonate or aluminum.
  • ceiling and floor fittings can be made with curved aluminum profiles, guard rail profiles or flat baseboards.