Parteco celebrates its 50th anniversary with a gesture of solidarity towards Africa

parteco for amani

Parteco, a leader in the field of Cleanroom design and construction, proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary. But this celebration goes far beyond mere corporate recognition. On the occasion of this important milestone, Parteco has decided to highlight the core values that guide its mission, including social responsibility and commitment to a better world.

In a gesture of great generosity, Parteco has chosen to support the Amani Onlus Association, which has been operating in Africa for over 25 years in support of street children. This partnership is not only a way to celebrate an anniversary, but also a tangible commitment to a cause that is at the heart of Parteco’s mission: providing opportunities and a brighter future for those most in need.

Amani Onlus works every day alongside hundreds of children and youth living in situations of extreme vulnerability in the outskirts of major cities in sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to their dedication and relentless efforts, they provide shelter, education, healthcare, and emotional support to those who need it most.

Parteco is proud to contribute to two key projects of Amani Onlus: ‘The House of Anita‘ and ‘The Kivuli Center‘. These projects not only offer a safe haven and medical care but also quality education and opportunities for personal and professional development. This is just the beginning of a partnership aimed at making a tangible impact on the lives of many young people in Africa.

In addition, Parteco is committed to raising awareness within its own community and the general public about the importance of supporting organizations like Amani Onlus and the crucial role each of us can play in making a difference.

At this significant moment in its history, Parteco reaffirms its commitment to not only being a leader in the Cleanroom industry but also an agent of positive change in the global community.

We invite you to visit the website of Amani: Amani Onlus


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