Pass Boxes for Cleanrooms

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We can realize solutions for pass-boxes inside cleanrooms thanks to the flexibility of our systems nearly prefabricated with a number of variations boundless. Solutions of whatever measure are available to two or more shutters. The inside coverings can be realized in rolled HPL or I steel inox AISI304. It is possible to equip the pass-playpens with logics of interblocco besides as well as to add and to pilot unity autoventilanti, simple connections to the plant HVAC and systems of lamps sanitizzazione UV.
Active Pass Boxes
Active pass boxes are characterised by a laminar flow of clean air within the chamber. The flow can be continuous or discontinuous and is supplied by either an external air treatment unit or independent self-ventilating extraction module.
Static Pass Boxes
Static pass boxes are not self-ventilating and, therefore, assume the same classification as the room with which they interface.
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