Parteco, a leading Italian company in the design, production and installation of cleanrooms, since 1974.

At Parteco, we produce a wide variety of modular systems for the construction of cleanrooms. All products can be customised with various materials to meet a range of technical specifications, ensuring they align with specific applications, regulatory standards or client requirements.

The components are manufactured at our Italian plant using high-grade and extensively tested materials. The products are shipped ready for installation without any further processing on site.
Our production philosophy, in fact, is to maximise prefabrication down to the smallest detail.

Clients who choose to rely on our professional services are guaranteed expertise, reliability, organisation and timely delivery.

We strongly believe that a successful project hinges on being able to establish a lasting partnership with the client, and that the cleanroom “in operation” should be a “finished product” and not just the simple sum of its components.

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Our team is made up of highly experienced and reliable professionals.

The PARTECO team offers support at every stage of the project, from the basic cleanroom design to after-sales and in-use maintenance.

The on-site assembly teams and our supervisors are constantly assisted by project managers to ensure the agreed performance targets are always met. Periodic training sessions are organised for third-party installation teams, allowing clients to train their own staff.

The training and thoroughness of our operators ensure that any issues or requirements arising during the execution of a project are promptly addressed and resolved.

Research and Development

In constructing our cleanrooms, we consistently strive to enhance the quality of the materials employed. Our ongoing efforts include research into new materials, regular testing and product certifications, and ensuring alignment with the latest Italian or European directives. Improved performance leads to more efficient installation and production of modular cleanrooms, which is why we are committed to investing in process automation, meticulously attending to every detail in our operations, from the choice of procedures and measuring instruments to our certifications, design and communication systems.
Our ongoing dedication to research enables us to propose innovative solutions, such as surfaces with special treatments, the integration of access control and door interlocking systems with general client data management, and the evaluation of the behaviour and reaction to fire of materials.
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Design, a path in collaboration with the Customer

The design of a cleanroom follows a path that starts from the detection of precise as-built measurements of the building, to the organization of the so-called kick-off meeting in which the product design begins defining details and timing.

The executive project (“as built”) is drawn up with all the drawings that describe the complete construction of the product and delivered with the relevant final certificates. All details are developed in 3D format. We use an internally developed Autocad application that allows us to interact with the customer by sharing data.

In fact, we offer the service of sharing our servers through which the Customer can view, comment and possibly modify the drawings prepared by us in real time.

The architectural design of the works is another important factor. The choice of colours, surfaces, the alternation of full and empty spaces, the definition of details, constitute an important aspect both for the purposes of the ergonomics of the places, and to conform to the company image.

Prefabrication, the detail phase is at the highest levels

The careful design of the clean rooms and studied in every detail allows us to push the prefabrication of false ceilings, partitions and movable walls, pass boxes fup to the highest level of detail, so the activity on site is much faster and quality of the extremely best details.

Everything is made to the millimetre and perfectly finished in the factory.

Special systems such as pass boxes and air showers are completely finished in the factory, tested and then shipped.

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Parteco is a leading Italian producer of cleanrooms. We offer a complete cleanroom design service with a special focus on architectural aspects.


All components of our cleanrooms are manufactured in Italy, from prefabrication through to every last detail of the finished product.


Our well-trained and experienced staff ensures fast installations, finished to perfection.

Support service

PARTECO offers a support service ranging from assistance in selecting the best design solutions to the complete installation of the cleanroom, as well as after-sales and maintenance.


Parteco, cleanroom design and production.