Stained-glass windows

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The VC series consists of glazing solutions that can serve as either a stand-alone system or be seamlessly integrated with PST and PTE systems.

The panels are typically joined by means of an interlocking structure and sealed with silicone or transparent joint profiles.

The fittings (ceiling, masonry and corner) are made of anodised or painted aluminium profiles, meticulously designed in such a way as to ensure fast and easy installation, effectively eliminating hard-to-clean spots.

All materials and finishes comply with GMP guidelines.

Technical specifications

VC series walls can be manufactured with a 45mm double-glazing system or with 10mm single glazing.
  • The 45mm system consists of two panes of 3+3mm clear safety glass assembled on an aluminium support with moisture-absorbing desiccants.
  • The 10mm system consists of a single pane of 5+5mm clear safety glass
  • the internal connections between modules are made with an internal nodal joint and sealed with silicone or else an exposed polycarbonate or aluminium profile.
  • the ceiling and floor connections can be made with curved aluminium profiles, guard rails or flat skirting boards.
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