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Our cleanrooms ensure quality and on-time delivery for our clients. Thanks to the care we invest in the design phase, our cleanrooms are built in a very short time and to the highest possible standards of quality.
The materials used are extensively tested before their commissioning. The construction solutions are designed to continually improve performance and simplify production and installation processes.
As a result, our clients enjoy timely delivery of the highest-quality solutions available in the market.

The components are manufactured at our Italian plant using high-grade and extensively tested materials. The products are shipped ready for installation without any further processing on site, our production philosophy being to maximise prefabrication down to the smallest detail.

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Professionalism and organisation

Clients who choose to rely on our professional services are guaranteed expertise, reliability, organisation, professionalism and timely delivery. We strongly believe that a successful project hinges on being able to establish a lasting and trusting partnership with the client, and that the cleanroom “in operation” should be a “finished product” and not just the simple sum of its components.

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Parteco is a leading Italian producer of cleanrooms. We offer a complete cleanroom design service with a special focus on architectural aspects.


All components of our cleanrooms are manufactured in Italy, from prefabrication through to every last detail of the finished product.


Our well-trained and experienced staff ensures fast installations, finished to perfection.

Support service

PARTECO offers a support service ranging from assistance in selecting the best design solutions to the complete installation of the cleanroom, as well as after-sales and maintenance.


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